The Ring of Fire is a series of artworks of my experience toward natural disaster. This is a very subjective personal expression.  Empathy and sympathy toward the victim’s Mother Nature especially earth quake which is quite familiar for me as an Indonesian who grew up near the ring of fire. Instead of observing, I, among others witnessed the explosion of Mount Galunggung in West Java long time ago.


I am planning to explore the dramatic effect in the aftermath, and how the victims and people in the vicinity react toward the disaster. To express this idea, it is important to understand the nature of Mother Nature and also the victims who are affected. People in the surrounding and distance areas may also be fully aware that this may happen to them.


I start gathering information from all news media, TV, radio, and others, and visit the area aftermath and interview families of the victims which include wives, husbands, and friends. Understanding the nature of earth quake before was all in my imagination, but the aftermath was really in the real world.  I visited one of the aftermath locations in Bantul, Central Java, Indonesia where my husband grow up. I observed and recorded all situations with photograph and some sketches as a token to remind me of the places and what happened at that time.


As an artist, I approach this subject matter with drawings. I made imaginative drawing representing emotion, empathy and sympathy.  I draw all negative feeling through the transparent plastics. It is an idea to get rid all negative energy. I destroyed all finished drawings by cutting and shredding, reflecting metaphors of disaster. Afterwards I collect the scattered, shredded and cut drawings, then mixed them un-orderly on photo plate lithograph machine and I rolled the copy plate by the hand press to come out with final product 


What is Lithography?












Putri, lithograph, 12 X 17, Ed.5


Pacific States Biennial National Print Exhibition, Hilo, University of Hawaii, 2010 -2011